Welcome back guys.In this tutorial I will explain you the simple way to Generate Barcode using PHP.

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We are using here php-barcode library which is written by David Scott to generate Barcode using PHP. So first of all download the library from here. Download the library and add barcode.php file into your folder.

Now below are master stoke, which will generate Barcode using php.

<img src="barcode.php?codetype=Code39&amp;size=40&amp;text=91weblessons&amp;print=true" alt="Sample Alt" />


  1. codetype:- It is a format for barcode. So you have formats like Code128, Code39, Code2of5, and Codabar.
  2. size:- Barcode size
  3. text:- Barcode text
  4. print:- is this barcode printable.